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New Releases:


"This I Do In Self-Defense" EP
24 Hours to Live

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"So Scene" EP
The Mutual Funds

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New Releases/Projects
Posted by Sterling on Mon, 4 August 2003

We have some new releases coming up soon to following the already successful release of The Mutual Funds CD. We soon plan on releasing the 24 Hours to Live 4-song EP entitled, "This I Do In Self-Defense" featuring an enhanced CD with Movie and Pictures, as well as Napolean Fashion Victim and Empty Wallet coming out later this year. As for what we have now, we have a new batch of CD's and will be putting up an orderform online sometime soon so those of you who can't make it to one of the bands shows can still manage to get a copy.

Under Construction
Posted by Sterling on Mon, 7 June 2003

Hey, the site has been somewhat completed, sorry for the delay. All the links except the commentary pages are complete. Hope you guys enjoy the site.

GorillaPaste Records!!!
Posted by brian on Wed, 28 May 2003

Well we've been pretty fucking lazy around here for a while and there haven't been too many updates or anything but we have big news. GorillaPaste Productions will in the near future become GorillaPaste Records! We'll probably still keep up a lot of the features that we have up on GP like the essays and pictures but we're going to focus more on putting out good music. To start it all off we're going to be releasing the Mutual Funds 6 song EP entitled "So Scene" on June 7th at Kaffe Krystal. A lot of up and coming bands are going to playing the show along with us so everyone make sure and come out because it's going to be a great time. Here's all the info for the show you'll be able to pick up the CD for $5. The Mutual Funds, The Floaters, Empty Wallet, Only in Theaters, OffTrack, Mr. Abstracto and the Sourgrapes. June 7th at Kaffe Krystal...entrance is $7.

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